May 18, 2015

We recently finished this waterfall and pond for Sammy Hagar's place on Maui.  He had an existing pond and waterfall that was leaking, plus the waterfall wasn't working properly.  We carved a new pond and constructed a new waterfall.  We brought in 5 tons of rock and cinder to line the pond and waterfall and create a ecosystem so the pond stayed clean and healthy for the fish. Below is are some pictures of the reconstruction.  



The next step is to plant grass around the pond. The fish will be added and the grass grown in a month.  I'll update you then.  Curt

When we build a waterfall feature we want to be sure to allow for areas for planting.  Landscaping dresses up a waterfall feature. The vegetation will get bigger and better with time if it's managed.  A well planned waterfall feature gets better with age.

This a before picture at Maui Hill Condominiums in Kihei, Maui 

This is after 

Constructed waterfalls and ponds on Maui

Newly created waterfall features from
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